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The charging socket on my iPod in Horsham is broken. Can you help?

Although this can be a difficult iPod repair, our technicians have the necessary expertise and iPod parts for a cost effective iPod repair.

We offer collection and delivery for your iPod in Horsham.

My iPod battery loses it charge rather quickly?

The iPod repair centre servicing Horsham offers high quality iPod battery replacements.

Area covered : Horsham

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This map illustrates Horsham. We may only cover Horsham area with a postal, call-out, courier pick-up/drop off service.

iPod Repair Horsham

The engineers specialise in affordable and professional Apple iPod repairs for customers in Horsham which will not break the bank. This service is offered nationwide by courier or post.

iPod repair specialists are at hand to inspect and repair your iPod once it arrives at nationwide repair centres via insured couriers.

Each Apple iPod is repaired to a professional standard using high quality iPod parts and industry approved repair methods.

Arrange your iPod repair for Horsham and West Sussex with the industry experts. Call us during business hours or complete the online form for a fast response during business hours.

Apple iPod Repairs Horsham in West Sussex

When your Apple iPod in Horsham is not working, we offer professional iPod repairs throughout the UK including Horsham in West Sussex via express courier service.

All iPod repair work is carried out by fully trained engineers using the highest quality iPod parts and specialist repair equipment for a reliable and long lasting iPod repair.

We offer a wide range of iPod repair services for customers in Horsham including:

• iPod Classic
• iPod Touch
• iPod Nano

This repair service covers iPod players no longer under limited warranty.

Common iPod problems that we have repaired with customers iPod players in Horsham include:

• iPod screen replacement
• iPod battery replacement
• iPod hard drive problem
• iPod click wheel not working
• iPod head jack port problem
• iPod dock connector not working

These are just some of the iPod repairs that the engineers have carried out for customers in Horsham by insured courier or post.

Whenever the engineers repair a Apple iPod we always fault test the iPod and provide a warranty for any iPod parts replaced or work carried out.

To book your iPod repair, simply fill in the iPod repair form or give the iPod help team a call today. They will contact you back shortly to arrange collection of your iPod in Horsham for repair and service.

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Recent Enquires

smashed glass on screen


ipod screen badly cracked and crazed. ipod itself still works and is touch responsive so how much would it cost to replace the screen please


screen broken. ipod works ok underneath. please advise on price and speed of repair.


broken pins on docking connector . how much to replace docking connector


headphone port not working properly sound comes through but is faint and patchy


3rd gen nano flat battery needs renewing


landed on floor dented side and now only plays in one ear in headphones. also if possible the screen has a few scratches and so does the bottom right hand corner frame work.


dropped and smashed ipod touch screen. bits of the glass have fallen out and it wont let me swipe or anything. cracked right across the screen. can i please get a quote including courier prices but if you are based in lincoln i can bring it to you. thankyou


the touch screen is working fine but the glass has cracked.would you email me to tell me how much this would be and how long it would take.